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The woman stopped thieves to retrieve stolen property for security staged "zhuofang Cao" – Beijing, Beijing, Yichang, November 15, (Zhang Xiaodong Huang Heping) Hubei Dangyang two men in broad daylight burglary property, the woman was found on the roadside stopped the two thieves, to protect their own safety, the woman on the return of property after the staged zhuofang cao". In November 15th, Dangyang city Public Security Bureau informed that the suspects had been detained by police. In November 14th 2 pm, Dangyang city Public Security Bureau police station received two rivers area residents Zhao police, said someone stole her mobile phone and wallet, the police rushed to the scene. Zhao said that two middle-aged men in their home to steal the wallet and cell phone ready to flee, she was found and stopped. Two people can not escape, they will be returned to the phone and wallet zhao. See Zhao wallet not a penny less cash, other items are not lost, to ensure the safety of the people, then let two people after the alarm. Subsequently, the police according to the motorcycle brand provided by Zhao and visiting Mopai suspect human physical characteristics, and retrieval of surveillance video near. 4 pm the same day, the police locked the suspect Xu and Liu, and in two of the town Hu Chang Street will be arrested two people. After interrogation, the two confessed, at noon that day, who lives in the city of Dangyang Xu invited Liu went to his sister’s home to play, and Liu discuss on the road for a chance to steal something. Two people passing through the Zhao family see a chance, then by Liu helped the lookout, Xu Zhao sneaked into the home of theft, but was found on the spot. After investigation, Xu has been jailed for theft two times, Liu also repeatedly because of drug abuse by public security organs punishment. At present, the case is still digging. (end)相关的主题文章: