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World Cup Preview: national football kanghan three policy   Wu Xi – Jones first sports — original title: World Cup Preview: Orangemen kanghan Jones is three curator Wu Xi Xinhua News Agency Seoul August 30th sports news (reporter Zheng Daojin) the evening of September 1st Seoul World Cup Stadium will undoubtedly focus Chinese fans! In the absence of Chinese Soccer World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of ten (now changed to the round of 12) after nearly 15 years and returned, but the first to face away, and in the strength of the dominant never win in the official competition in Korea, such a difficult game how to play football? Although according to the balance of power between the parties, in the game as long as the foot away draw with South Korea is victory, but if only want to sum is not enough, it often means too conservative and ideological tactics on war is not cowardly, so it is difficult to achieve good results. Correct ideas should be more defensive and keep in attack, and strive to win. This reporter for the Orangemen put forward three strategies, of which Wu Xi Jones is a major focus: the first strategy: competitors. In a country, because the training time is short enough and the lack of pre-season, so although in front with Yu Dabao, Zhang Xizhe, Wu Xi, Hao Junmin, Wu Lei and some other technology, smart players, but with the overall proficiency and better understanding of the extent of South Korea, at the same time, have an adverse effect on the contradiction between injuries and players and the club, such as Yu Hanchao and Zhang Chengdong were out, and Ren hang and Zhao Mingjian because of contradictions and their clubs and no longer play official games, how the state of doubt, which led the Orangemen at least two fullback position is relatively weak. In itself, the South Korean team in Germany under the leadership of Stielike is playing more mature, the basic front entirely by the Overseas Corps, overall with skill, technical and tactical level than the Orangemen significantly higher than a grade, followed by basic defensive line in the super players, these players is to get a confrontation with the big foreign aid opportunity in the Super League, the two is to understand a lot of players Chinese intelligence, are of great help to the South Korean team. Stielike was full of pride to choose only 21 people to enter the training list, then because of the club of Oporto has just been loaned to Turkey Trabzon sports club striker Shi Xianjun need to integrate into the new club, so Stielike decided to put it back to Turkey, and only 20 people in the world cup. We look at the South Korean team most likely starting line-up: in its usual 4231 formation in the forward position of yellow Xican starting may be large; in the middle, the double waist by Captain Ki and defensive midfielder Han Guorong Qianyao is partner with Zizhe, left and right winger will be playing at Tottenham and Sun Xingmin in the Crystal Palace to play Li Qinglong (or Chi Dongyuan); in the back, central defender will be played in Jiangsu Suning team Hong coincided with the Guangzhou Hengda jinyingquan partner, right guard will be playing in Guangzhou bodied generalist Zhang Xianxiu, while Wu Zaishuo is left back at the Osaka steel Pakistan team goalkeeper is Zheng Chenglong; (or Jin Zhenxuan). China football team and the Korean team in the history of a play)相关的主题文章: