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The Internet world conference focused on the Internet industry: Goodbye Hello – Sohu subsidies, efficiency of technology to BAT as the representative of the Internet consumption dividend in slowly fade, and to enhance the efficiency of traditional industries, the Internet technology as the representative of the Internet industry began to radiate new vitality. November 16th – 18, Third World Internet Conference held as scheduled, the development of thousands of Internet cafes, venture capital people and business elite gathered in Wuzhen to explore the internet. 17, management of land and the fair hosted by the dark horse, the Internet business district government of Yuhang Light Industry Forum over the same period. The same day, the 2017 China’s first Internet industry innovation and entrepreneurship contest was officially launched. Yuhang District vice mayor Huang Hongzhan, entrepreneurs horse chairman Niu Wenwen, fortune venture partner Fu Zhonghong, steel founder Wang Dong, space founder Hu Zhenyu, Yijia life founder Pan Dingguo, 000 technology founder Wu Taibing, Star Music founder Zhou Kai Cheng, founder of Xu Lei and other guests attended the mini car, from the industry and investment point of view, after discussion the consumption trend of the Internet, the Internet industry and upgrade. As the second half of the Internet, to BAT as the representative of the Internet in the consumption dividend fades, and efficiency in the traditional manufacturing industry upgrade, with the Internet technology as the representative of the Internet industry began to glow the new vitality. The most significant feature of the Internet industry will be extensive stage massive financing, from the previous burn subsidies into the efficiency of technological innovation, fine stage. Niu Wenwen said that in the economic downturn, combined with industry and the Internet has become a new hot spot, China efficiency of traditional industries in the Internet technology and the power of capital, with significant efficiency. I believe that with the advent of the Internet industry, there are more entrepreneurs to get the favor of investors, get more government help." Internet industry will also become the focus of Yuhang in the field of fashion design, e-commerce, the next focus. Yuhang vice mayor Huang Hongzhan revealed that last year, Yuhang’s GDP reached 123 billion 500 million yuan this year, revenue is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan. Under the powerful economic engine, Yuhang has a unique advantage in the development of the Internet industry. Yuhang proposed to build Chinese (Hangzhou) the concept of the Internet industry town, will follow the "government, production, learning and research, and the capital, referred to" one of the seven helping the industry concept, the establishment of a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing research and assigned to the Internet industry as the core of the Academy can center, formed the whole process of manufacturing, the whole industry chain, product life cycle, industry ecosystem solutions Internet system, deep links and service in the "manufacturing" + "internet". As a well-known investment institutions, venture capital has been on the morning of the layout of the Internet industry, has invested in more than and 350 companies, including network technology, Focus Media. Fortune venture partner Fu Zhonghong talking about his views, he believes that the supply side reform countries bring huge opportunities for B2B enterprises, both supply and demand there is a huge gap, and consumer demand from the individual to the conduction of enterprise services. Looking for the steel industry as the representative of the Internet industry companies to the Internet technology innovation tradition.相关的主题文章: