Wow Gold Have Tried To Bribe The Tanks To Control

Games Let’s think about WoW Gold. In the four tanks talent and 22 DPS talent, from the Angle of probability have dramatically limit the number of people playing tanks. For example you like worship of ahriman, or like casting occupations with all kinds of animals when partners, so from the beginning you and tanks, even if this occupation insulation you want to play, also won’t give you gift corresponding options. Of course, you will say to a small practice, but if you just don’t like plate armour the necromancer division or into a bear, so naturally won’t just for it can tank and to play these professional. Say a bit more, even if play this four professional, and a lot of players also kill not tanks, only because they think other talent play better. Of course, in fact there is a way to remove the tank professional. For example can simply that the treatment system change, BOSS dozen who can add who, not as now live a few professional a few talent limited, let them by damage reduction, the face that treatment at degree increase can focus on them and add up. Another way, can let provide other professional specific posture, or deformation, let tanks to means more professional open-this is a simple and trading, you chose to tanks, so will reduce your damage, and increase your reduce injury and hatred. You can make a lot of never opportunity of strange career great a tank. Just from the present existing skills of speaking, many professional are potentially can be used as a tank of the skills-like the sorcerer’s demon form, the hunter’s baby, the shaman’s petrochemical weapons, stone claws totem and earth element-they can try to attention and development. Above mentioned view whether of the game, and will not be beneficial discussion area, these are not important. The heart of the problem is that now tanks really don’t GouWei, but he must break and adjust the game balance. Whether should redesign of blame for many other job also can do it, or simply destroy or undermine the functions? Designers should maybe think about, to the old idea for tanks may need to be changed. The tank from the game began as a basic content, many design around the mechanism, if on changes that will inevitably turned the game play. But now, the game to make such changes, may have not so astounding hard to accept it. We have tried to bribe the tanks, we changed the control mechanism, let tanks can a second row, even also increase the random their hatred, in order to let this career is more let people interested in a little. I don’t know if this is enough, it is enough, whether this marks the tank actually didn’t have to adjust to such trouble? Hi human small beauty, just WoW Gold is good? The park is still retained the .pound all kinds of drinks food stores… See over there the night elf beauty didn’t she call plug LanNiYa she is our paradise drinks businessman, when you thirsty to find her, her strawberry ice cream, and fresh lemon juice is so good, next to her was stam ray Angle on is the look of the tauren and honest, he is our paradise food businessman, when you feel hungry to find it, I strongly push save his production of corn sausage and dark month hot dogs. Is really delicious ah… Want to buy some bring you stormwind friends? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: