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Wuhan barracks held nearly 200 young women: marriage will become an (Figure) – Sohu military channel page first: Wuhan barracks held marriage will click on the picture to the next page]2016 in October 22nd, the tenth session of the PLA military marriage married to marry "will meet in the rain romantic. With the help of a resident central theater air public platform for school-age couples looking for October 22, 2016, soldiers in Wuhan, the central theater air force in the rain for 10 couples held a collective wedding ceremony. On the same day, the Ministry in conjunction with the Wuhan evening news tenth "married to marry the PLA military marriage" will be carried out as scheduled, more than 170 local young women and 150 air force officers and soldiers in the rain in the romantic age, looking for love. It is reported that the marriage will be held for 9 years, there have been 430 to 93 young military success in hand, to tie the knot. Related: Beijing, Wuhan, October 22: 22 days, the central theater of the air force command center and sports activities, and filled with happiness, by the joint command post station Media Co hosted the tenth session of the "Liberation Army military marriage married to marry" will be held in the grand. 10 years, more than and 100 couples tied the knot through the platform. The day of the Wuhan wind bleak, the sky under a drizzle??, young men and women guests looking for light wind and drizzling rain can not stop the enthusiasm of marriage. More than 170 people from Wuhan college teachers, civil servants, doctors, white-collar workers and other industry, the rain came to the central theater of the air force command center and sports activities, extensive contact with more than 150 troops. When a handsome soldier elder brother entered the hall, founder, strong, resolute, is the female guests first impression of them. For the convenience of local female guests better experience camp life, understand the military characteristics, organization staff also carefully arranged a balloon relay, rich characteristics of camp song duet, love gear and other interactive games, let the female guests in the thick of the military flavor in experience Military fortitude, perseverance and passion. Looking at the stage dressed in dress, humorous, noble and dignified with a mettlesome and handsome bearing male guests, local female guests are issued from time to time unique talent show loud shouts of applause, bright, push the activities to a climax. With the continuous deepening of the activities, the men and women guests talk very happy. Male officers take the initiative, there are more than and 10 female guests enthusiastic response to guests halfway exit, looking for a quiet place to "whisper". In addition to organized military marriage, 10 couples success in hand for the organizers also held a collective wedding since last year. With a warm and elegant "the most romantic thing", 10 of the happy couple with a sweet smile, hand in hand, side by side, leisurely walking, cross symbol camp "concentric door", set foot on the red carpet into marriage. "Some people say that the choice of the military will be lonely, lonely. We met and fell in love, into the marriage hall, was not easily won. However, I believe in love and career, need not hesitate, cherish each other!" Ruan Lei holding the microphone, in the wedding scene, to the bride to make a special military love confession. Simple words, won the presence of men and women guests applause. Ruan Lei is a gun?相关的主题文章: