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Wuhan Hongfeng University Culture Festival "Hongfeng goddess" stunning debut Chu network news (reporter Tong Ling) "the goddess to intangible cultural heritage tours maple". The day before the opening of the festival of Hongfeng Wenhua college. The opening ceremony, fresh out of the "red maple goddess" and "red gods" stunning debut in the opening ceremony, become a unique landscape. The opening day of the show, opera Medley Wudang, Han fan, maple wood carving exhibition, more than 20 non heritage cultural activities staged by nearly 5000 students and thousands of visitors to interact in the field, photography enthusiasts to the viewfinder, the atmosphere is very hot. Wenhua college vice president Chen Sizhong introduced, in order to further expand the scale of cultural festivals, in addition to the Hongfeng male god, goddess selection, and the students of more than and 40 universities in the province carried out the Hongfeng Hongfeng photography contest, three lines of poetry, poetry recitation contest and other activities. The red cultural festival also introduced a new non performing item, the Education Department of Hubei Province, Department of culture of the intangible cultural heritage "into the campus, into the classroom, into activities into the cultural program, trying to create a" Hongfeng brand, intangible cultural heritage and cultural features of the campus culture". Since 2012, the school focus on the construction of the campus landscape has been planted maple, maple trees more than 2000 varieties, covers an area of 200 acres, every autumn early winter, cenglinjinran, spectacular scenery.相关的主题文章: