Xiamen more than 30 years of age teacher suffering from leukemia boy in Zhangzhou to donate blood-hyuna

Xiamen more than 30 years of age teacher suffering from leukemia boy in Zhangzhou to donate blood and even the teacher’s college classmate Liu Jiageng be strangers to each other to donate blood. Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (the trainee reporter Xie Jing) the evening of October 7th, the circle of friends a message is forwarded frequently — from Jimei, from the middle school math teacher for more than thirty years even water, unfortunately suffering from acute leukemia complicated with cerebral hemorrhage, platelet need type A. After the message is sent, enthusiastic people quickly launched a love relay. As of press time last night, and even water said, is currently raising platelets have enough even the use of water. Even the water son Lian Zhijie said, father ill for more than a month, dozens of days to headaches, insomnia, back pain, since purpura, but he did not go off the podium. The 59 year old even hydromorphic, has thirty years of seniority, a middle school in Jimei known, loved by students. In the city yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw eight teachers from a middle school in Jimei, they are even Hydatogenous colleagues, after hearing the news, specially arrived from Jimei blood center blood donation. To donate blood Jimei middle school vice principal Mr. Zou told reporters, "dozens of students have gone to Jimei blood, because too many people, and go to the haicang." Even his wife in his son’s arm, with tears in her eyes, "even the teachers do a good job, is this. So many people to care about him, I was so touched!" "I have to donate now, you want to donate bone marrow, help me, help me, someone could use." Lian Zhijie said that he will act with her father, and the continuation of the relay of love. [remind] can only be kept for five days to promote platelet donation group appointment, Xiamen blood center staff to remind the concerned citizens: even water need is different from the "platelet", who came to donate blood, donate platelets, blood donation with the best experience, at the same time to arm vascular diameter, clearly visible, when not fasting donation two days ago, blood can not drink, do not stay up late, eat light. In addition, due to donate platelets with a longer time, and donate platelet shelf life of only five days, therefore, enthusiastic people who want to donate platelets, require organized blood to make an appointment, grouping, divide, in order to avoid the waste of resources.

厦门一30余年教龄老师患白血病 男孩漳州来献血   与连老师素不相识的嘉庚学院刘同学赶来献血。   厦门网-厦门日报讯 (文 图见习记者 谢静)10月7日晚,朋友圈里一条消息被频频转发――来自集美中学、从教三十余载的数学老师连水成,不幸身患急性白血病并发脑出血,急需A型血小板。   消息发出后,热心的市民迅速展开了爱心接力。截至记者昨晚发稿时,连水成的妻儿说,目前筹集的血小板已足够连水成当日使用。   连水成的儿子连志杰说,父亲身体不适已有一个多月,几十天来头疼、失眠、腰痛,起紫斑,但他都没走下过三尺讲台。   今年59岁的连水成,教龄已有三十多年,在集美中学名气不小,深受学生爱戴。昨天下午在市中心血站,记者见到了来自集美中学的八位老师,他们是连水成的同事,得知消息后,特地从集美赶到市中心血站献血。来献血的集美中学副校长邹老师告诉记者,“好几十个学生已经去了集美血站,因为人太多了,还有的去了海沧。”   连太太在儿子的搀扶下,眼含热泪,“连老师做好本职工作,是本分。这么多人来关心他,我真的太感动了!”   “我现在也开始献血,以后还想捐骨髓,人帮我,我帮人,总有人用得上。”连志杰说,他将用实际行动陪伴父亲,并延续这场爱心接力。   [提醒]   血小板只能保存五天   捐献提倡分组、预约   厦门市中心血站工作人员提醒热心的市民:连水成需要的是“血小板”,与捐全血有所不同,前来捐献血小板的人士,最好具备献血经验,同时手臂的血管要粗、清晰可见,捐献的时候不能空腹,捐血前两天不可喝酒、不可熬夜、饮食要清淡。   另外,由于捐献血小板用时较长,且所捐血小板的保质期只有五天,因此,热心市民们想捐献血小板,需要有组织地向血站预约,分组、分时、分地,以免资源浪费。相关的主题文章: