Xi’an university students buy love risk touched girlfriend, 3 years later will get a diamond didadi

Xi’an college students buy love risk touched girlfriend, 3 years later will get a diamond double eleven Singles Day approaching, graduating student Ning bought a "love risk", yesterday sparked heated debate. Within 3 years to 13 years from the date of commencement of the policy, the insured marries the designated lover to receive wedding gifts or roses. Does "love risk" keep love? Spend 299 yuan to buy love risk, moved girlfriend Xiao Ning is a senior college student in Xi’an, singles day is approaching, he bought an insurance, touched his girlfriend. "Our singles day started dating last year. Now it’s almost 1st anniversary. What do you want to send?"" Xiao Ning said, many students said that graduation season is the break up season, we are not optimistic about the campus love after graduation, he inadvertently listen to friends say "love risk", they spend 299 yuan to buy insurance. Love can also be insured? Xiao Ning said, since 3 days after the date of purchase, 13 days in any day, Xiao Ning and his girlfriend now get a marriage certificate, you can get a "half carat heart-shaped diamond."". His girlfriend got excited when he got the insurance policy with both names. In her view, the love for marriage is not a rascal, the gift of her boyfriend is very precious! "His work was signed in a unit in Shaanxi, and I wanted to sign it earlier!" Singles Day is close to love insurance. Reporters learned in two insurance companies yesterday that with the approaching of singles day, the number of "love insurance" is in the minority. Compared to the community, college students have some concessions. "Spend 99 yuan, since the date of purchase within 13 years after 3 days of any day, the purchaser and the insured person designated at the time to receive a marriage certificate, you can receive 1999 yuan in cash. Moreover, each pair of lovers can get up to 5 copies, three years later will be able to receive 9995 yuan wedding gifts." An insurance company employee introduction. Another insurance company staff said, as long as the purchase of insurance couples, within 3 years after registration of marriage within 13 years, the insurance company for their wedding to send ten thousand roses, each price is 299 yuan, college students can enjoy 199 yuan preferential price. At the same time, in the 3 year insurance period, the insured will also be insured by personal injury insurance. Insurance can keep love Xiao Ning friend Xiao Qin think to send such a gift to his girlfriend particularly romantic, "I know that even buy insurance may not be able to keep love, but at least one point, at present, our each other is to cherish each other, are trying to keep love!" Mr. Lin held a different view: "now buy, if not go together to break up, the insured money is not white?" Wouldn’t it be awkward to let your girlfriend know that?" Some people expressed envy, jealousy and hatred. "I’m a single dog. I want to buy an insurance like this, but I don’t have a chance."!" Net friend silently say. Insiders bell believes that such insurance is a gimmick, not really can protect love, earn eyeballs and profit is the main purpose, of course, also reflects the young people for the love of a better yearning. (reporter Ji Na)

西安大学生买恋爱险感动女友 3年后可获一颗钻石   双十一光棍节临近,应届毕业生小宁购买了一份“恋爱险”,昨天引发热议。这份保险从保单生效之日起3年后至13年内,投保人与指定心上人结婚,即可获得结婚礼金或玫瑰花。“恋爱险”能保住爱情吗?   花299元买恋爱险 感动女友   小宁是西安某高校大四学生,光棍节将至,他买了一份保险,感动了女友。   “我们去年光棍节开始谈恋爱,现在快一周年了,想着送什么好呢?”小宁说,很多同学都说毕业季是分手季,大家对毕业后的校园爱情都不看好,自己无意间听朋友说有“恋爱险”,便花299元买了份保险。   恋爱也能上保险?小宁说,自购买之日起3年以后13年内的任意一天,小宁和现在的女友领取结婚证,即可获得一颗“半克拉心形钻石”。   女友收到写有双方名字的保单后,激动不已。在她看来,不以结婚为目的的恋爱都是耍流氓,男友给自己的这份礼物无比珍贵!“他的工作签在陕西一家单位,我也想早点签下来!”   光棍节临近 恋爱险热卖   记者昨天在两家保险公司了解到,随着光棍节的临近,购买“恋爱险”的不在少数。相比社会人士,大学生有一定的优惠。   “花99元,自购买之日起3年以后13年以内的任意一天,购买人与当时投保时指定的心上人领取结婚证,即可领取1999元现金。而且,每对情侣最多可得5份,三年以后将可领取到9995元结婚礼金。”一家保险公司员工介绍。   另外一家保险公司工作人员说,只要购买保险的情侣,3年之后13年以内登记结婚,保险公司就为他们的婚礼送上一万朵玫瑰,每份售价299元,大学生可享受199元优惠价。同时,在3年的保险期间内投保人还将得到人身意外伤害保险保障。   保险能保得住爱情吗   小宁的朋友小琴觉得送这样的礼物给女友特别浪漫,“我知道即使买了保险也不一定能保住爱情,但是至少说明一点,目前,我们彼此都是珍惜对方的,都是想着要保住爱情的!”   林先生则持不同看法:“现在买了,万一走不到一起分手了,投保的钱不是白花了?万一让后面的女朋友知道了,岂不尴尬?”也有人表示羡慕嫉妒恨,“我是‘单身狗’,好想买一份这样的保险,可是没机会!”网友默默说。   业内人士钟先生认为,这样的保险是噱头,并非真的能保障爱情,赚取眼球和牟利是主要目的,当然,也体现了年轻人对于恋爱的美好向往。(记者 姬娜)相关的主题文章: