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Xinjiang cerebral palsy guy did not learn to do a day of electricity supplier monthly salary of three thousand yuan – in a letter on the keyboard with a finger on the left hand. Yang Dong photo Beijing Xinjiang November 15 Kuitun Xinhua (reporter Yang Dong) Han Kai right hand hand wheelchair armrest, finger typing with Sogou Pinyin input method: "I make money, in order to be able to the mainland hospital to cure my disease." Here recently, reporters came to the Xinjiang day North District royal power mall interview, "for Han Kairu Han Kai quilt is called brother". Reporters noted that Han Kai on the wheelchair, the upper limb slightly oblique lying, but the hearing is not agile, "one finger zen" typing seems to be very difficult, but the speed is not slow. In view of this, the reporter interviewed very carefully, he took reporters to ask and check if all knock down on the computer; where no need to answer the question of language, just nod; need to use language to answer, with the ring finger of the left hand on the keyboard. The reporters know that Han Kai with severe disabilities; was born in 1990 in Xinjiang Corps seventh division 127 regiment; dystocia can not stand, resulting in cerebral palsy, unable to speak, and action is very inconvenient, so far not a day of school; mother is a group of middle school English teacher, my father is an ordinary worker; older, his father quit his job to take care of him; his father, taught him to play games on the computer, "five stroke input method" and "smart ABC" type, and finally determine the only Sogou input method typing, login QQ and strangers dating — learn to do business. 2010 summer, Jiangsu, Huaian and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps seventh division formed a counterpart support relationship. The CPC Xinjiang Committee Organization Department called Xinjiang Corps Yuanjiang personnel to carry out "a friend, a relative, can do something practical to lead a project, build a bridge, a piece of advice" as the main content of the "six" campaign, in order to give full play to the Yuanjiang bridge effect of further amplification of Yuanjiang comprehensive effect. An official from the Ministry said the Xinjiang Corps organization, activities focuses spread advanced ideas, and continuously improve the overall quality of cadres Corps personnel; focus on the contact service masses of workers, the formation of a heart to think, to make a joint effort; focus on promoting national unity, cohesion of the people, to win the hearts of the people; focus on enhance hematopoietic function, boost Xinjiang corps to improve the industrial level; aims to strengthen exchanges blend, Xinjiang corps and the mainland closer relationships; focus on contribution to the development of solutions, to provide intellectual support for economic and social development of Xinjiang corps. Members from the provinces in Xinjiang Yuanjiang command, and actively respond to carry out a solid six activities". Jiangsu Huaian Yuanjiang command matchmaking introduced Zhejiang Yiwu eversafe group, the Royal e-commerce industrial park built in the $seventh division Kui North district. Anyone who is interested in starting a business here, can enjoy a variety of preferential services. The electricity supplier for many years Han Kai was attracted to the Royal e-commerce industrial park at home, specializes in patchwork quilt, Han Kai responsible person, 4 partners, division of labor, orderly. Han Kai told reporters that in recent years, the average monthly salary of three thousand yuan. His girlfriend on the left hand side is a neighbor…相关的主题文章: