Xinjiang corps, a community security volunteers filial piety and filial piety to illuminate the virt-嘿嘿taxi

Xinjiang Corps volunteer community security guards filial piety old takachika virtue – Beijing Youth light Beijing Xinjiang alar on 20 September, (reporter Yang Dong) in Xinjiang production and Construction Corps first division alar sixteen regiment Sun Star Community corridor wall, hung a thank the community security officer He Shengqiang banner. A banner is three day Tang Yimin has died. With questions, the reporter recently interviewed He Shengqiang – he is visiting aunt feng. He Shengqiang, 31, came to from Changji in December 2013. The district resident population of 5800, from door to door visits, informed the community of 30 Empty Nester, old age, poor health. He held the relevant information of these old people remember, according to the health status of the elderly in order to discharge the visitation, the old man left to their mobile phone number: "please take me as your children younger, you just say, I will go all out." Aunt Feng told reporters He Shengqiang care for the elderly community. Yang Dong Tang Yimin photo 1963 Xinjiang construction support from Shanghai to the sixteen group nine until retirement. Nearly eight years later, has never been a home, a variety of advanced disease in the elderly had to get rid of his mobility. At noon on February 1, 2014, He Shengqiang carefully made 3 dishes and Steamed Rice, lunch box installed to Tang Yimin the old man sent a. Tang Yimin tasted a spareribs with brown sauce, smiling, said: "I have fine taste, delicious food today!" "You feel good, I’m relieved." The niece Tang Yimin presented a banner hanging in the community on the wall of the corridor. Yang Dong that morning, the old man ate a bowl of rice, 3 dishes are basically finished. Before leaving, Tang Yimin will give small one hundred yuan as service fee, he declined. He Shengqiang know the taste of the old man, from then on, every day to the elderly to send rice, morning and evening is not heavy, every time a new pattern…… Tang Yimin every day to take medicine or health medicine, but refused to see a doctor, never pay attention to the symptoms of medicine, often look at advertising to buy. The past to buy medicine from the merchant sent (pay door-to-door service charges), now, the book, a card and password to any electronics storage, all for what little care. Every time to buy medicine, He Shengqiang repeated research manual, compared to the efficacy and price, only to sell, do not buy expensive. Every Saturday at noon, to the elderly, bathing, washing room. The old man does not want to eat, buy fruit, bread, porridge mouthful feeds. The old man outside the spirit of good, fresh matter, dispel the loneliness of elderly. On the morning of July 18, 2016, He Shengqiang came to give Tang Yimin a meal as usual. Knock on the door, there is no movement; no one answered the phone. Quickly reported the situation to the community, police stations, hospitals – He Shengqiang and the police entered the house from the balcony window into the house and found the old man lying on the bed has been dead for a long time…… He Shengqiang aftermath. Many old man in Shanghai to find a way to Xinjiang met little niece. In He Shengqiang’s help, she got his uncle’s deposit and a number of subsidies – a few million yuan in cash. Tang niece is deeply touched, for He Shengqiang, was politely declined — the Jin Tang niece.相关的主题文章: