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Yan value overwhelming look cool high performance gaming for the large collecting a laptop, the performance is important, but the appearance is also very important. Especially for the gaming notebook, they usually have a high price, the corresponding certainly not in appearance too dull, after all, who do not want to spend a lot of money to buy the notebook looks too ordinary. Look cool notebook not only looks good to hear or see, but also will bring better when you are fighting in the game when the atmosphere of the game and game experience, of course, will be more attractive. Said so much, which game is the color value is superior? What has a cool appearance? Then the small series to recommend a few paragraphs. The mechanic mechanic F117-F1 F117-F1 appearance, the mechanic F117-F1 uses aviation metal materials to build housing, the 27 processes of layers of temper, stealth fighter wing each polyhedron shape, sharp lines, are endowed with combat Bazhe style. Hyun blue backlight and logo brand elements combined with blue light future technology has embraced the mechanic uncompromising craftsmanship seamless embedded. Mechanic F117-F1 both as a game notebook, performance is bound to achieve. The mechanic F117-F1 Maxwell structure was used in GTX965M GDDR5 4G graphics card, with 1024 stream processors, and 1150MHz frequency up to 4GB large memory, compared to the average GTX960M performance up to 37%. Mechanic F117-F1 can also be through thoroughly tempered, can withstand the test of time. The mechanic F117-F1 in order to maintain the configuration is not outdated, using DIY Door design, game player only by screwing the four screws, can quickly replace the memory, hard drives and other accessories, easily upgrade configuration. The machine is now the official mechanical Tmall mall hot pre-sale, only 9 yuan to get an appointment to enjoy the super price of $6599, heartbeat friends do not miss. Almost all the mechanic F117-F1 [reference price of]:6599 yuan ares Z7M-SL7D2 many game player has such a belief, want to own a high performance in this game, this game world ride will be more "cool acid". Then do not wait, the Shenzhou computer’s Ares Z7M-SL7D2 new upgrade strong return. Why does it say its strong return? That is because God of war Z7M-SL7D2 equipped with the six generation Skylake platform i7-6700HQ, 14nm process, quad core of the eight threads, clocked at 2.6GHz, more powerful performance and reduce power consumption. As for graphics, Ares Z7M-SL7D2 equipped with GTX965M 2G alone, can easily play big games, really gaming game player of the gospel. Not only that, it has the configuration of 8G DDR3L memory and 128G SSD + 1T HDD, so that the operation and storage without pressure相关的主题文章: