Yao Ming pack fire to Africa and the middle east! He should have signs and newspapers-masa-c

Yao Ming pack fire to Africa and the middle east! The signs and newspapers should have him in your daily life, is not also used this expression? Yeah, that’s right! This is our "Hall of fame" player Yao Ming. The runaway comic expression of Yao Ming had been in China fire for several years, but in fact, Dayao has long been the fire to Africa and the Middle East and the world. In September 29th, according to micro-blog users @ Tuberose broke the news, Yao Ming’s face pack has been spread to Egypt Luxor. Local tour guide said Yao Ming expression pack in this very fire, although many people do not know who this person is, but I feel very funny. And the words on the label are: do not retrograde. Yao Ming expression pack has fire to Luxor. Pictures from micro-blog users @ tuberose Yao Mingjiong face beach Egyptian newspaper actually, Yao Ming fire in Egypt for a long time, although we do not know if he is playing basketball. According to the observer network revealed that in May 8th of this year, micro-blog certified as a foreign expert of the Xinhua News Agency @ Egypt Mu Xiaolong sent a similar photo, saying, Yao Ming in Egypt on the line". In the November 1, 2013 publication of the "global" magazine published an article so: who can think of, "Yao Mingjiong’s face" not only in the domestic widespread, is also popular in Egypt, Iraq, Palestine and other Arabia world, become netizens published a humorous story of choice for illustration or chat. Walking in the streets of Egypt, if stopped a man asked: "do you know who Yao Ming is?" The other nine in ten would shake his head and face. However, if pulled out a piece of "Egyptian news", turned to the "funny but (his silent Serious") column, pointing to the eye-catching Logo and then asked: "do you know this person?" The other I see light suddenly, nodded: "understanding, understanding! That is the ‘funny face (Chinese funny)’!" First, is the social networking site Facebook (Facebook) "some registered accounts in Arabic issued problems, ironic banter and fast," Yao Ming embarrassed face "account for the picture or pictures. Soon, the young people began to love the Internet to use this map, and this "embarrassed face" comedy praise. Interestingly, both in Egypt and Palestine, most people do not know who this face belongs to. Some people only know that he is Chinese, some people only know that he is a sports star, but few people can accurately say his name: Yao Ming. Yao Ming expression pack. Egyptian news reporter Sarave still remember the face of Yao Mingjiong into the newspaper that moment. About a year ago, the new editor in chief Magette · Mr. Cobb went into the office, say a new idea to his colleagues, "look at the Internet, young people are talking about some interesting things. Why don’t we add a humorous column? The column logo uses the ‘funny Chinese face’!" Colleagues agree. Then, the "sense of humor" column began to appear in the newspaper English was born in 1880 in Egypt, "Yao Ming embarrassed face" also officially became a member of the newspaper, appeared on the front page and page on every joke. Yao Ming: I’m not in my cell phone.相关的主题文章: