Ye sun love male exposure girlfriend has not invited father and father break wedding-sorpack

Ye sun love male exposure and father break girlfriend has not invited Li Kuncheng and his girlfriend’s wedding according to Taiwan media reports, the 60 year old well-known musician Li Kuncheng and his 19 year old girlfriend Lin Jingen to associate the 3 and a half years, 2 people will be on the 15 day, the 20 year old birthday marriage registration, along the way after many the wind and rain, now finally airness, back then girlfriend father had in order to prevent the family Heyou crime "to sue, he finally obtained non prosecution punishment, recently when interviewed he admitted that" not the father’s wedding invitation". Li Kuncheng said the details of the wedding is not good planning, but will want to go to Japan to take wedding, honeymoon, especially Lin Jingen over 20 years old, does not need a guardian, according to media reports, he said Lin Jingen love low-key, so will not release the news on Facebook, the wedding is going simple route. That all respect the views of his girlfriend, revealing the words full of affection, but these days there are many wedding companies, wedding companies, hotel all want to sponsor their wedding, but he declined. In addition, Lin Jingen love and father and family relationships break, 2, has 3 years of no contact interaction. In this regard, Li Kuncheng admits not to invite prospective father to attend the wedding, his father and sister are very loving girlfriend, the family get along very well. For the child’s goal, then said he would like a daughter, said the son grew up easy to run out, my son has grown up, have their own career." While 2 people hand in hand care during this period of 3 and a half years of love, now will move toward a new milepost, also let him call "very happy".相关的主题文章: