Ye Xiying that the U.S. crude oil bear the opportunity not to continue down the bear hunters exit safe mode

Ye Xiying: the United States crude oil that bear the opportunity not to bear hunters down to the client to view the latest market review: Monday (10.31) US crude oil prices lower shock downstream, continue to decline. Last Saturday, OPEC and non OPEC members of Congress for a long time, as a result, most countries did not explicitly agree with the freeze production situation, making the meeting deadlocked, leading to lower oil prices again. According to the market to go on Friday so we predict that 48 crude oil market is approaching, hunters the opportunity not to continue downward short! News: 1, the meeting of the oil producing countries held in Vienna last weekend did not reach an effective agreement, the parties said only before the November OPEC conference will be negotiated again. Ministers said the meeting in Iran and Iraq on the issue of production in an impasse, the two countries are expected to be able to get cut exemption. Some non OPEC countries, including Russia, said it hopes to reach an agreement within the OPEC, so even if it is willing to cooperate with the reduction, but also do not want to clear the scale of production. 2, OPEC Secretary General Barkin said Saturday at the informal meeting, on the implementation of the Algiers agreement did not reach an agreement, this would lead to further deterioration of the current situation of petroleum investment; the lack of specific actions to support the weak oil prices, from the inventory can be seen, there are still excess supply oil pressure, oil recovery the process is expected to take a long time, can not take the risk of postponing further adjustment of oil strategy; hope to reach a final consensus on production in November 30th. The details are as follows: OPEC and included Azerbaijan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Oman and Russia’s non OPEC national officials and experts on Saturday (October 29th) held a consultation meeting in Vienna. They said in a statement that the participants only agreed to meet again before the OPEC held a regular meeting on November 30th. OPEC and OPEC said in a joint statement on Saturday’s meeting is towards November 30th to reach a global agreement to achieve positive progress in limiting the production of "the Interfax reported that Russia will cut a week before their meeting was postponed to the OPEC meeting, the country is expected to produce the effect of freezing may only be due to the rapid recovery of U.S. shale flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Oil production. Russian Federation’s draft budget is expected next year, oil output will increase by 0.7% in 2018, a further increase of 0.9%. Documents show that crude oil production in 2017 will be a record high of 5.48 tons, in 2018 and in 2019 were expected to be 100 million tons of raw materials, higher than this year’s estimated annual volume of 5.44 tons of crude oil in the year of the year of the year of the year, the production of crude oil is expected to be about 5.53 tons. The UAE cabinet approved on 2017 48 billion 700 million dirhams ($13 billion 300 million) and the federal budget, basically held steady in 2016, showed that the UAE authorities are still cautious about spending, because of low oil prices to make the country’s fiscal pressure. As a result: frozen production is not moving in a better direction, and also makes the situation more and more serious, the November meeting in Vienna is estimated to reach a very small probability. Market review: international crude oil prices fell Friday, oil prices fell more than 2% below the $49 mark, the lowest dropping 48.相关的主题文章: