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Yichang City 2 year old child ran away alone, police soldiers divided three ways to find the child, 2 year old baby ran away alone, parents return to God has been 20 minutes. Police soldiers find three ways to find children. Mr. Li opened a restaurant on Dongshan Avenue in downtown Gezhouba Dam. On weekdays, 2 year old children follow to play in restaurants. 8, 19 Xu, busy Mr. Lee suddenly found, originally in the shop playing the children disappeared. Mrs. Lee quickly find out, took photos of children to passers-by, passers-by to provide information to children along the way to Wujiagang Dongshan road. The couple looked for 20 minutes along the road and had to call the police for help. Pinghu Public Security Bureau Xiao Gang police station rushed to the scene, taking into account the child was two years old, along the road complex crossings, and decided to look for the three road. In the transfer of Yangtze River Gate of the hospital monitoring, found the boy trail, so the gate of Ping Hu Hotel and the transfer of control, found the boy appeared in the older weir intersection, so the police tracked along the boy walking trail. 19:50, and finally found the boy on the road and sent to his parents. Scan code "big Chu Yichang", understand local latest information!

宜昌城区2岁娃独自出走 民警兵分三路找到孩子  2岁娃独自出走,父母回过神来已过20分钟。民警兵分三路找到孩子。  李先生在城区葛洲坝东山大道开了一家餐馆。平日,2岁的孩子就跟随在餐馆里玩耍。8日19时许,忙碌中的李先生突然发现,原本在店里玩耍的孩子不见了。李先生夫妇连忙出门寻找,拿着孩子的照片向路人打听,有路人提供信息,孩子沿东山大道向伍家岗方向走去。  夫妇俩沿路寻找了20分钟未果,只好报警求助。平湖公安分局肖家岗派出所民警迅速赶到现场,考虑到小孩才两岁,沿途道路复杂岔道多,于是决定分三路寻找。在调取长江医院门口监控时,发现男童踪迹,于是又调取平湖大酒店门口监控,发现该男童出现在刘家大堰路口,于是民警沿男童行走踪迹一路追踪。19时50分,终于在路上找到该男童并送到其父母手中。 扫码“大楚宜昌”,了解本地最新资讯!相关的主题文章: