Yingbin Road Elevated Road opened to Hongqiao T1 can go directly to the starting layer 特命战队go busters

Yingbin Road Viaduct opened to Hongqiao T1 to the starting layer hearing yesterday morning zero, Hongqiao airport terminal T1 before entering the G2 mainline Yingbin Road viaduct project two months ahead of schedule, to achieve the full opening. Next to the Hongqiao Airport T1 passenger by Yanan road viaduct or link directly driving to the starting layer. This not only brings convenience to passengers, but also effectively alleviate the Yingbin Road road traffic pressure, but also provides a strong guarantee for facilities will be put into operation T1 terminal building A. It is reported that the elevated status of Yanan elevated road and the outer ring of the inner ramp grounding set 1 group ground entrance, service in the areas of traffic development, with the main line across the viaduct form Youle Road, directly into the T1 terminal of the layer. The elevated line 4 lane, 2 Lane on the ramp, enter the T1 in front of the terminal building of floor 5 lane. Taking into account the new elevated along the block, on the south side of the road on the North Youle set out to the entrance, on the north side of Lok Road South to North on a set of friends along the ramp, for ground vehicles on the elevated lanes; at the same time, set a South to North ramp leading social garage. At present, T1 is still in the transformation of the entire renovation project is wildly beating gongs and drums, is expected by the end of 2017 completed, but the function transformation does not involve the Hongqiao Airport T1, T2 terminal two adjustment, not to increase the annual passenger throughput capacity design. Hot news: Shanghai prosecutors on suspicion of bribery Dai Haibo, concealing offshore deposits prosecution case Shanghai vehicle inspection system was totally paralyzed owner: tomorrow is 200 +3 the people buy second-hand housing in the landlord had died by signing Oolong couple on the Hong Kong team dinner for Conca Shanghai top luxury exposure (Figure) He Jiong was rushed to the hospital in Shanghai the operation due to metal insert leg (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai Wednesday the temperature only 10 degrees to 7 degrees to cool the cliff next week

迎宾一路高架道路通车 到虹桥T1可直达出发层   晨报讯 昨天零时,虹桥机场T1航站楼前迎宾一路高架进场G2主线工程提前两个月完工,实现全线通车。今后前往虹桥机场T1的旅客,可经延安路高架或外环线直接行驶至出发层。此举不仅给旅客带来便捷,也有效缓解迎宾一路地面道路的交通压力,更为即将投运的T1航站楼A楼提供了有力的配套保障。   据悉,高架经现状延安路高架及外环内圈匝道接地后设置1组地面出入口,服务于地区开发交通,主线以高架道路形式跨越友乐路,直接进入T1航站楼出发层。高架主线设双向4车道,上下匝道设2车道,进入T1航站楼前出发层设5车道。为兼顾沿线地块,新建高架于友乐路南侧设置一对北向出入口,友乐路北侧设置一南向北上匝道,供沿线地面车辆上高架车道;同时,设置一南向北下匝道通往社会车库。   目前T1的改造仍在紧锣密鼓进行,整个改造工程预计2017年年底全部完工,但改造不涉及虹桥机场T1、T2两座航站楼的功能定位调整,不增加年旅客吞吐量设计能力。   热点新闻:   上海检察机关对戴海波涉嫌受贿、隐瞒境外存款案提起公诉   上海车管所验车系统全线瘫痪 车主:明天就200块+3分了   市民购二手房遇乌龙 签约房东已过世遭顶替   孔卡夫妇家宴上港队友 上海顶级豪宅曝光(图)   何炅被急送上海医院手术 疑因金属物插入小腿(图)   天气预报:   上海周三起最低温仅10度 下周将断崖式降温7度相关的主题文章: