Yogurt weight loss method three thin six pounds punyu

Yogurt weight loss method three lost six pounds of lead: yogurt diet method, some people say that drinking yogurt can also lose weight, some people say that drinking yogurt is easy to get fat, then the truth is what kind of? Today, Xiao Bian will you comment, and teach you how to drink yogurt is not fat, by drinking yogurt 3 days fast lean 6 pounds. (source: PCLADY) – drinking yogurt can effectively reduce an abdomen if you do sit ups a day to do almost unconscious, but still always like abdominal relaxation, you should check in your diet! The best thin belly food should be as follows: contains a lot of fiber, to eliminate bloating; containing antioxidants, let you exercise more effective; should also contain sufficient protein to promote the health of The new supersedes the old. According to the study, the main absorption of calcium from the yogurt people have a flat belly. Most yogurt contains some fungi can promote digestive health, reduce bloating, constipation, let your belly looks more smooth. But nutritionists are also generally heat higher than that of milk yogurt, in general, 100 grams of milk contains 57 thousand calories, while sugar free yogurt contains 62 thousand calories per 100 grams of sugar, skim yogurt every 100 grams at 72 thousand calories. The main reason for the increase in calories is the process of yogurt added a lot of sugar. Therefore, to lose weight is not how much yogurt can drink. Small advice: for women who can’t be afraid of fat and delicious yogurt, recommended choices marked words fat and low calorie yogurt, although the taste was not so rich and mellow, but also slightly less calories than milk. If you are not afraid, you can also do their own yogurt oh. You can add some fruit to improve the taste of yogurt. The best consumption: every 1 to 3 cups of low-fat or nonfat yogurt is best in two hours after a meal drink, fasting drinking yogurt, yogurt’s health benefits will decline, but two hours after dinner drink, or drink before going to bed, can promote digestion, nourishing, and exhaust purge for. The Slim Fast diet recommended yogurt many sisters are talking about the yogurt diet, but the specific operation vary. It is said that to lose weight 3 kg or less, you must continue to drink yogurt for 3 days, but if you want to lose weight more than 5 kg, to drink yogurt for 7 days. Because of some well-known artists adopt this method to slim down by the media, so many people on board. The following is a system: diet drinking yogurt: in the morning get up every morning to drink a cup of boiling water, then drink a cup of honey water. And then drink a yogurt (about 200 ml), then eat a whole wheat bread bowl of oatmeal. Try to buy low sugar yogurt or low-fat yogurt (fat content 1 – 1.5%). At noon: if you feel hungry stomach, then drink a bowl of soup, eat a few mouthfuls of rice or a few cookies. And then drink a yogurt (about 200 ml). And then eat 100 grams of chicken, beef, mutton, fish, fish offal. These things are mainly iron supplement. In addition to a plate of vegetables, not cooked vegetables can eat small tomatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.. After the meal drink two cups of oolong.相关的主题文章: