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You are not like me curious, the first Silicon Valley technology media is how to make? Sohu technology to gather resources to build the Silicon Valley science and Technology entrepreneurial ecology." — this is Silicon Valley spy vision. The Silicon Valley started to pay attention to the spy, about a year ago. Then look at Silicon Valley spy article, feeling is two words: cool. Later, have continued to read some Silicon Valley spy news, from the beginning of the logic of thinking is recommended, to finance news later, Silicon Valley agent is more and more concerned with the internet. We believe that the process of development and growth of the Silicon Valley spy for every love of products and operations people may inspire, especially interested in the content production and operation direction. The three class as an online university of the Internet, is also an obligation to explore the natural. With the past through data analysis on product growth analysis and mining, we have the honor to interview in Silicon Valley Silicon Valley spy founder and CEO Li Pan this time, let us from the perspective of the development path of Silicon Valley spy has a kind of reference for us. A birth, the 1 started serendipitously, founder Li Pan Li Pan just wanted to Study hard Silicon Valley spy 20 years into the creative field, who occupies an important position in the international top Ogilvy, Publicis communication company, is a 14 year management experience in brand advertising people. Just 3 years ago, Li Pan had a strong interest in the mobile internet. He believes that the mobile Internet should be an absolute trend in the future, people’s way of life is changing, do anything is done through the mobile terminal. In order to expand their knowledge structure, to seize the trend of mobile Internet, Li Pan chose to go to Silicon Valley – the most concentrated place of Internet talent to further study. San Francisco University of the Arts to study mobile Internet product design and new media master’s degree, which is Li Pan’s first stop to Silicon Valley. In the course of the study, he is eager to have some supplementary information to help themselves better and faster learning, such as some of the overseas Internet product analysis. For example, the design of these well-known Internet products are what intention? Compared with competing products and what is outstanding? What are the trends in the field of product development? However, there is no such thing in the foreign science and technology media, not to mention the technology media for Chinese readers. In order to allow yourself to learn faster, Li Pan find engineer friends Qin ready, began to analyze some products. 2 individual needs to expand the social value of Li Pan thought, writing product analysis, on the one hand, you can make yourself more in-depth understanding of the product, but also to the formation of their own learning on a spur. On the other hand, he said that since there is such demand, other people will certainly have, if the product analysis report, it will bring some reference value to other people, have some social significance, products of the Silicon Valley with Chinese spread to domestic readers. Let the user to find the value of the point, has always been the content of the field相关的主题文章: