You only have one basic match with Yang Mi, and you have to buy it

You and Yang Mi only a basic model of wear before the first to buy the lead: if elected with the Queen "domestic" (the people love to wear for her with a love to wear, the seller sold her the same paragraph), Yang Mi in the top three, in addition to the high popularity, the biggest advantage of Yang Mi’s preference for basic models. Last summer, for example, Yang Mi wore the basic King’s white shirt for almost a summer. (content source: ONLYLADY) Yang Mi wears a white jacket pilot jacket. Recently, Yang Mi wore a pink pilot jacket at the airport, with Acne Studios cashmere scarf, Chanel backpack, isn’t it a little bit beautiful? Yang Mi wears a flying jacket. This pilot jacket comes from Yang Mi’s second favorite Acne Studios (the first is the Chanel package), and the price is about 4540 yuan. Acne Studios front time gave you a pilot jacket, this grass, now, it has become the basic section of this season, a few days ago, Zhao Liying also wore a piece. Zhao Liying earlier, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, wearing a pilot jacket, went to the gym with a beautiful scream. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid navigation in this paper

你跟杨幂只差了一件基本款 穿对前得先买对    导语:如果要推选国内的“同款女王”(平民爱穿找她的同款穿,卖家爱卖她的同款),杨幂一定入列三甲,除了高人气,杨幂的最大优势来自偏爱基本款。比如去年夏天杨幂把基本款之王—白色汗衫穿了几乎一个夏天。(内容来源:onlylady) 杨幂穿白汗衫   飞行员夹克   最近杨幂在机场穿了一件粉色飞行员夹克,配Acne Studios羊绒围巾、Chanel双肩包,是不是有点美? 杨幂穿飞行夹克   这件飞行员夹克来自杨幂第二钟爱的Acne Studios(第一是Chanel包),售价约人民币4540元 。 Acne Studios   前端时间给大家种过飞行员夹克这颗草,现在,它已经成了这一季的基本款,前几天,赵丽颖也穿了一件。 赵丽颖   前段时间,Kendall Jenner和Gigi Hadid穿飞行员夹克一起去健身房的画面,美的让人尖叫。 Kendall Jenner和Gigi Hadid 本文导航相关的主题文章: