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Your baby is dry cargo thrush? What is the mother – Sohu thrush thrush thrush (Thrush) also known as Candida albicans disease (Moniliasis), and the goose mouth sore in rickets, white sores and goose mouth sore in goose mouth sore in is a common disease in children, the oral cavity, the disease often occurs because the white pseudomembrane in the mouth, sometimes like a piece of snow white pseudomembrane. It is also known as thrush, often found in infants. This disease is caused by Candida albicans infection, which is characterized by the formation of white spots on the mucosal surface. This fungus can sometimes be found in the mouth when the baby malnutrition, oral cavity is not clean or debilitating disease can occur, can also occur in frail adults. The newborn from the birth canal infection, or because of pollution spread unclean or feeding lactation nipple fingers. Had a baby thrush often feel oral discomfort, sometimes feel pain, most babies will therefore reduce infant thrush; cause baby breathing is not enough, the baby nutrition intake is not enough, nutritional deficiency. Any age may cause symptoms of thrush thrush in infants less than 2 years old, but the most common. Thrush main symptoms: 1, oral mucosa appeared white micro high spot film, no inflammation around, like milk block painless, wipe the speckle film, visible below the bleeding red spot wound membrane area of varying size, can appear on the tongue, buccal or palatal mucosa on the lips. 2, good hair in the buccal tongue, soft palate and lip mucous membrane, white plaque is not easy to use cotton swab or wet gauze wipe. In 3, when a slight infection unless careful examination of the oral cavity, otherwise difficult to find, there is no obvious pain or only eat painful expression. When the baby will be serious because of pain and irritability, loss of appetite, crying nursing difficulties, sometimes accompanied by mild fever. 4, the damaged mucosa in the treatment is not timely can continue to expand and spread to the pharynx, tonsil, gums and other more serious diseases can be spread to the esophagus, bronchial, caused by Candida esophagitis or pulmonary candidiasis of breathing, swallowing, few can be complicated with chronic mucocutaneous Candida disease can affect the immune function of life. Can even be secondary to other bacterial infections, causing septicemia. The etiology of thrush thrush is caused by Candida albicans, Candida albicans is one of the many microorganisms, but Candida albicans in healthy infants in the mouth often can be found, but not pathogenic. Whether it is mainly depends on the body’s adaptability and resistance, so the disease is common in the mouth is not clean, lack of nutrition in infants and young children. Fungal infection of babies born through the birth canal 1, maternal vaginal secretions of infected maternal contact. 2, the bottle sterilization is not complete, breastfeeding, mother’s nipple is not clean can be a source of infection. 3, contact with Candida infection of food clothing and toys. In addition, the infant teeth first gums may have mild pain in 6-7 months, infants would love to bite fingers, biting toys so as to be easy to bacteria and fungus into the mouth, causing infection. 4, in the kindergarten collective life sometimes because of the cross infection can suffer from thrush. 5 micro相关的主题文章: