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Yu Xu was on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and director Shang Jing background photo February 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala backstage rehearsal, Yu Xu and other four chuanmeizi, director Yu Xu and Shang Jing photo four chuanmeizi performing on the stage of Yu Xu, a beautiful girl in Sichuan. In 2010, she went to the CCTV Spring Festival Gala [micro-blog], the performance of "my heart fly". Please review the motherland, please rest assured!" In 2010 CCTV Spring Festival evening, 60 anniversary of the National Day parade as the background of the essay "my heart fly", art reflects the people’s air force honor, spirit of selfless dedication to the 16 female fighter pilots with bright and brave, sonorous oath, showing a new generation of air force officers and soldiers of the sky to a national audience feelings. "My heart flies" tells a story about a "backup" female pilot. In the 60 anniversary of National Day parade on the eve of the parade to ensure that the task must be in no danger of anything going wrong, the parade of female fighter pilots, to determine a comprehensive quality, flight technical skills, can substitute the required flight "backup" pilots in case of emergency. To this end, the flight Captain (Yan Ni ornaments) to mobilize 01 pilots (Tao Yin [micro-blog] diggs) initiative to help other players to do ideological work, during which a series of moving story…… Finally, with the stage lift slowly rising, 16 female fighter pilots array stage show in front of hundreds of millions of viewers, reproducing the grand picture Parade People’s Air Force fighters flew over Tiananmen at this time on the big screen, the heartshaking exclamation mark for the works of painting. We did not expect, the appearance of the Spring Festival Gala on 1 minutes, will cause so many people in the country to our attention!" At that time, Yu Xu returned to Chengdu to talk about the Spring Festival Gala, happy to say: "really, I am proud of our air force, I am proud of the four female pilots in Sichuan." Yu Xu said, in April 2, 2009, selected 16 female pilots from the 250 thousand applicants, known as "air baby", "I and Tao Jiali, Zhong Qin, He Xiaoli, Sichuan girl, is born in 1986, 4 of us are tigers, together with the army, went to school together, a parade, this time together the Spring Festival gala. Since joining the army, we are like sisters, learn from each other, are very good." WCC reporter Du Enhu (commissioning editor: Weng Jun fishing)相关的主题文章: