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Zhang Han Hu Ge   who is the hardcore hardcore of the entertainment industry? People.com.cn – entertainment channel, people.com.cn meat is the age, Wu Lei tfboys, momentum hot, deer Han, Yang Yang style strong…… But there is a group of people, but still they faded green vigor, youth remaining maturity is not full, they are the backbone of the screen. After thirty years of age, gradually calm, fade a childish, light ripe texture gradually revealed. A glimpse of Hu Ge "Legend of Sword and Fairy" after a, let the audience remember the bold and affectionate, seemingly cynical but serious kind Li Xiaoyao. "Tianwaifeixian" Dong Yong, "the young Yang Yanzhao Yang" role more let Hu Ge became the "handsome boy" best pronoun. In recent years, Hu Ge gradually began to transition: "the pretender" of the Ming House, "Nirvana in Fire" Mei long time "," Su Yuan Hao — from juvenile justice to the light ripe introverted, expanding image is brought about by the rising popularity and reputation of Hu Ge in the film circle. Zhang Han entered the entertainment industry from 2009 to today, the eighth year of the entry into the Zhang Han. 8 years, from the boys to the light ripe metrosexual man is not only the increase in age, the temperament is more low-key calm, once young and their rivalry between secretly silently creep is earnest to complete each work. As an actor in the rising stage, to ensure the quality, not to shoot two plays is Zhang Han’s own requirements. In recent years, Zhang Han’s interpretation of the changing style, broaden the range. The "ten sins" in a "legend" detective, part of a tycoon extension angle and the science fiction film "body" in the cold pan. In addition, the establishment of a personal studio after signing Song Yi, Liu Changde and other artists. The more water film and television production, hands-on producer and starring Xia Meng as "Rhapsody". Huang Xuan "Red Sorghum" nine children love "Zhang Junjie" Huang Xuan was named "national first", the 2015 explosion of red historical drama "Mi month biography" also contributed to the "Huang Xie" show on the screen’s head, elegance, exquisite but not artificial personal taste this is his label and fan edge "pass. "A woman doctor? Princess Zhu Qiyu," "Hunter" Yelv Qi and role of the audience to continue to enjoy the different side of Huang Xuan, and this year’s "translation", "Sea Shepherd, Kyushu clouds" and other works is full of audience expectations — changing roles, the same is he to the Polish speech and adhere to the technology. Wang Kai Wang Kai is a typical representative of "a", the entertainment world for nearly ten years he, in 2014 to "Nirvana in Fire" Jing Wang role became popular, all the fans to become "spectacular Jing Princess" is a strong occupation of eyeball. Wang Kai with "the pretender" in, "he came – eyes" Li Xunran role continued popularity, introverted and gentle, calm and wisdom, "the stranger as jade, son of unique" is appropriate to describe near to him. Eddie Peng and many big stars experience similar to Eddie Peng’s debut from accidental opportunity, but as a Taiwan actor he was known to the audience in the mainland "Legend of Sword and Fairy" "Andy Tang Yu", then "jump" summer day "! Axin and other film and television drama laid)相关的主题文章: