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Zhang Shuai: I hope we respect each other together for the Chinese tennis career efforts of Zhang Shuai sina sports news Beijing on November 5th news Zhang Shuai today at WTA Zhuhai super elite semifinals in two and 2 than 6 lost to Czech’s Covey Tova, missed the final. After the conference ends, Zhang Shuai and the media friends to whom you wish to work together for the China tennis career, hope China tennis tournament will be more beautiful tomorrow. Q: Hello, Zhang Shuai. You’ve been trying to make yourself an offensive player for the past two years, and Covey Tova is one of the world’s top offensive players Do you have a physical level today?  : I think she’s called the top because she didn’t finish it until you played. So, I think there’s a lot to learn from her.  : ask: Although there is a game behind you, but this season is basically over. A few days ago, your coach, Liu Shuo, said there is no pressure on the next season, I would like to know, you have any expectations for the next season?  : A: I think it is to continue to enjoy tennis to bring me happiness.   Q: the offseason is coming, you also said that in the offseason will intensify training, can not disclose will strengthen the training of what?  : A: I think we need to improve it.  : Q: it is now the end of the year, can you sum up the whole situation in 2016, especially this week in Zhuhai performance?  : I feel very satisfied with myself. There’s one thing I really want to say today. I got a message from a friend yesterday, which made me feel sad and guilty…… Who is the specific hair, hair, I do not inconvenience to disclose more. I think in such a beautiful city, in such a good match, because of my relationship, because some of the audience on the pitch because they do not know the rules while walking or talking, and I said, "please stay" or "don’t speak", resulting in a press conference at least ten the problem is in this regard. Our media reporter also made a very big article, and this thing makes more workers for the hard work of the game was criticized, accused of being more leaders. I think it’s very sad to let more innocent people take these responsibilities. So, I hope that our media, to be more active, positive to report some things, so that we can do a better job, to help our event. Our event is so rare to come to the Chinese, Chinese into our sponsors, our life, how much to build a tennis court today in this land? I don’t want to be ruined because of me, or because of my friends here. I hope we can do better and better in China, and I like it very much!相关的主题文章: