Zhang Yi live shoot the most beautiful performance friends call know almost Daren-pigeon blood

Zhang Yi took the most beautiful live show friends chanted: knowing Master Zhang Yi shot the most beautiful show filmed live shots of Zhang Yi "Goodfellas" Sina entertainment news Sina entertainment projects – the 2016 strongest year-end "best performance" has been launched! This year, we carefully selected the top 10 in this year’s big screen and small screen of the highest attention to the actors, to show the most beautiful performance. After the first most beautiful performer Liu Haoran [micro-blog], in October 30th, the most beautiful performance of another actor announced – actor Zhang Yi [micro-blog]. In the Sina entertainment to share with friends behind the scenes in the live camera, Zhang Yi took a group of posters, in his body, eye movements transform simple, show charming drama charm, while onlookers netizens Qi called him a "knowledge on Master". The "little guy" Zhang Yi also wear a suit and friends together to boast "Hao Shuai" "good" from "soldier assault" "my head of my group" to "line" "Beijing love story", from "dear" to "mountains and rivers" Zhang Yi created a very old, many classical roles in the movie in the works, will also be a lot of little obscure interpretation of people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. In the most beautiful performance scene, Zhang Yi rare in a neat grey suit appeared full of chic suave, relative to his common "little guy" image brighten. Close to the crowd wearing a suit Zhang Yi, a lot of friends found that, "Zhang Yi is very thin" "!" All of a sudden, "handsome" comments on our live mobile phone brush screen. During the live broadcast, netizens on Zhang Yi in the past outstanding film and television works and the role of the familiar, and which referred to the most, both early "shock troops" in people earn a lot of tears and monitor the history of this, there are "old gun" this year in only a few minutes playing, will highlight the bully character image small tube. The netizens are also in the comments to the memories of the past Zhang Yi classic role of killing. The poster shooting action transform all is a play called "fun friends know almost Master wearing a handsome suit, Zhang Yi during the filming of the most beautiful performance feature space, also filmed a group of posters. The transformation of the limbs, eyes change, and even some of the subtle movements, such as the rise of the forehead, Zhang Yi seems to be in the interpretation of their own stories, quietly telling some emotions. As an actor, Zhang Yi in the face of a relatively static camera lens, it seems to have a different kind of theatrical charm. In the face of our live shots, a focus on the work of Zhang Yi also did not forget to greet the friends affectionately, the release of a cordial smile, and then quickly devoted to the shooting. However, when we close the close-up of the live film Zhang Yi and friends close friends, many users but the truth: the eyes of the teacher really small ha ha ha!" "Little eyes are so charming!" During the live broadcast, and the new title "users refer to Zhang Yi or Master". It turned out that Zhang Yi had been aware of almost on his own as an example to answer the question of the actor was asked to rub lipstick, the point of view of their interesting onlookers. Recently, he also know about the "why Li Chen [micro-blog] this type of actor will be red", although the questioner seems ill intent)相关的主题文章: