Zhao Liying as women ride the wind and waves the surprise appearance of hot lead-特命战队go busters

"Zhao Liying" as women ride the wind and waves the surprise appearance cited hot Tencent entertainment news recently, Han Han Zhao Liying will be participating in micro-blog exposed film "" a full time ride the wind and waves, bustling network. Prior to Deng Chao, Dong Zijian, and other people have been confirmed after joining the film, netizens have speculated that the next heavy actor who will be? At the moment just announced obtain the Golden Eagle Award Zhao Liying joined the film, netizens said such a strong lineup, the movie "is worth looking forward to ride the wind and waves". "The screen goddess" was named "golden eagle as the" Zhao Liying rising popularity in the just concluded the eleventh session of the Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, for the first time finalists Zhao Liying with "won the" audience spend thousands of bone "favorite actress" award. At the same time, the recent ratings seize the major ranking "rouge" is the perfect ending. In such a short period of time, Zhao Liying not only to prove its strength, high popularity is so many actors to catch up. In several popular small artistes, Zhao Liying’s career is special, from the unknown to the public to the importance of knowing she is in the limelight, time and opportunity, so hard to pay, finally let Zhao Liying get so much praise and applause. Zhao Liying looks gorgeous transformation of "bright" ride the wind and waves in recent years, Zhao Liying beat good drama, "Lu Zhen legend" (Opera), "bone", "flower", the old nine door "rouge" is one of the national reputation ratings double hot drama. But Zhao Liying was not satisfied with the status quo stopped, this was invited in the Han Han film "is Zhao Liying" ride the wind and waves, does not meet the "screen goddess" of the title of the show, I hope to move the big screen in big strides. A few years ago to the Korean guide recommended Zhao Liying, he was not particularly care about, then once accidentally see a TV series, I feel there is a girl inside the acting is really good, after understanding only to find that Zhao Liying. Since entering the crew, dedication and professional attitude of Zhao Liying also let people sit up and take notice, when filming was often with strict in demands, directors and actors to exchange their play different views. After the exposure of the "crazy drama" Deng Chao "after 90, actor Dong Zijian," cross king "Li Ronghao, Han Han" as laid a continuation of "never ever meet again man play tone, and used to be tough, independent" women play "won the audience recognized Zhao Liying, was announced as the only actress, add a touch of this unique color for the super lineup. (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: