Zhejiang throw five new deal olive branch cited overseas high-level talents to invest in Entrepreneu-mine_清翼

Zhejiang "five new" thrown olive branch leading overseas high-level talents venture – Beijing Beijing in September 20 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter?) who live abroad to simplify procedures for bidding companies, encourage a variety of ways of investment, support enterprises bigger and stronger…… The day before, Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau and personnel office jointly issued the "on the support of overseas high-level talents in the opinions of Zhejiang investment" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), "five new" dished out the olive branch, to encourage overseas high-level talents and industry investment in Zhejiang. Overseas high-level talents is the special resource innovation driven development and transition. This reporter has learned that, for many overseas high-level talent, registration, bid for the various formalities of the enterprise has been one of the factors that plagued them. In view of this situation, in the "opinions", the reporter saw the high-level overseas foreign Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan business investment in Zhejiang, will be issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of human social security "of the overseas high-level talents residence in Zhejiang province" as proof of identity for direct registration of foreign-funded enterprises, exempt submit the proof of subject qualification or identity should by its competent authorities in the country Chinese notary served after the request (get) Museum certification materials. In addition to waive the relevant registration materials, simplify application procedures, reduce the registration conditions, the name of the reporter saw, in addition to the above three positive, the "opinions" also increase the proportion of investment, technology support enterprises bigger and stronger to facilitate. "High-level overseas investment in Zhejiang established businesses, because in the start-up period, the shorter time, compared to the old enterprise scale is not big, although it is high-tech enterprises, but that many of the hard indicators is not an advantage." Zhejiang provincial Trade and Industry Bureau official said, for these reasons, some of the enterprise qualification or honor rating is often overlooked. In this connection, the "opinions" of the famous trademark, well-known firms, overseas high-level talents in Zhejiang set up investment enterprise reporting, preferential policies to encourage overseas high-level talents; bigger and stronger enterprises, support the establishment of investment in Zhejiang enterprises to declare the well-known trademark. Opinions also encourage a variety of ways to invest in support of overseas high-level talents to invest in entrepreneurship, registered capital (gold) can all be funded by technology, non monetary contribution ratio is not restricted. (end)相关的主题文章: