Zhou Shuai ten spring boot monitor – control Zhang Yishan turned the entertainment Sohu dataload

Zhou Shuai "ten spring" boot monitor – control Zhang Yishan turned the entertainment Sohu Zhou Shuai photo Sohu entertainment news the day before, the young actor Zhang Yishan, Dongyu Zhou, Zhou Shuai, starring drama "ten spring", as you boot in beijing. The play focuses on the Beijing native Chinese in autumn eight years of college, met with a group of good brothers love red. After graduation, after several ups and downs, but also to the young and ignorant of their youth has produced endless nostalgia and sentiment story. The plays of Magnolia Zhou Shuai will change the monitor "a student in each class to show, the audience will have the role of upright class cadres. "Ten in the spring, as you" adapted from the well-known writer Feng Tang "all growth Trilogy" third "Beijing, Beijing", the plot and style and works before the same strain. In addition to Zhang Yishan, Dongyu Zhou the CP combination is very eye-catching than anticipated, the role played by Zhou Shuai and magnolia is also very special aspect. Play as Zhang Yishan’s classmate, Zhou Shuai this as a very serious and very strict "upright iron monitor", introverted he is not good at communication, although sometimes mingle with everyone, but most of the time still maintains its own unique rigor. Yet to launch the "relative to", "night canteen psychological crime" such as film and television drama starred handsome and officer role, the Zhou Shuai played this role is Magnolia and had be quite different, in stark contrast. This Zhou Shuai himself said: "the role of the character is very different from the previous role, I need to" accept "performance, and let me recall the good time of many universities in the filming process, because young people are cast, we can easily communicate with and creation, I have the confidence to the role of Magnolia good show." It is understood that the drama has been in the intense shooting stage, is expected to be in 2017 to meet with the audience, but also look forward to Zhou Shuai in the drama for the audience to bring wonderful performance.相关的主题文章: