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Zhu Ting Red Star over China: quality of life is more and more high night sun delicacy Zhu ting and Guidetti communication Beijing time at 22:00 on November 13th, Turkish Super League fourth round, Zhu Ting effect of tile Keifer bank team away against Sall Iyer. More than one hundred thousand fans to the scene to watch the video Tencent through the game live, Zhu Ting four scored 21 points, won the "scoring". Monday is a day of rest, Zhu Ting began to write her fifth "Red Star over china". On Sunday night, it was more than eight from home. That is the road, are in fact a city, just sariyer team site in Istanbul in Europe, and our headquarters is in asia. Watts Keifer heard a lot of domestic bank women’s volleyball buddy watched the live broadcast, then you ask someone like me before the problem: the current world’s first women’s Volleyball League audience didn’t how much? As a "inquisitive" and "good student", last week I have figured out this problem, the answer is as follows — the Turkey League preliminary stage to take away, the audience is not too much, will decide the semi-finals after playing for, the scene is very hot, attendance is very high. That is to say before we see Turkey in the domestic league lively scene, it is decide the semi-finals after the game, so the best is yet to come?? on Saturday, we went to the new stadium opening ceremony of Keifer watts bank, which is a modern sports hall. From the beginning of this week, our training will be in the stadium and it will be our home court. How about the stadium and arena hand and swimming pool, looks very cool! The next home, in November 20th, we played here. Let me say to sariyer team, I heard that the zero point and the ground was passing a love to see me play the buddies like hot, not my "criticism" to you, this is really a "blow Ting"!! Would you like to hear how I judge the two balls? The first zero angle pass is lucky!! The ball is not, I just don’t want to give up, try, who knows something?? the fact is at the foot of a ground, slowly, only fell to the ground, never say good anticipation, Lang guide to give you a big eyes, she would say: "What? Pre sentenced? Good judgment is also used to fall on the ground?!" So, do not blindly praise me, I this level, far worse! Tell me about my little days. The quality of life more and more high, three meals a day is very scientific, law, "private chef" is a professional nutritionist according to the menu arrangement, every day at least a salad, more time will be two, also will have a fried vegetables, ensure my vegetable intake. Yes, two days before I finally have to miss long soup that is using a stick bone spend a long time in the pot to boil out of the soup, milk white, pepper powder, very delicious. Have some noodles to eat, not to mention how happy! Because it is in the running stage, "private"相关的主题文章: