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ZTE pickup Lord 12-17 million pre-sale will be listed in October – before the car Sohu, ZTE car officially announced its new pickup officially named " Lord " as a new car, the overall shape of rugged large size pickup. According to the latest official news, ZTE pickup Lord pre-sale price range of 12-17 million, is expected to be listed on October 2016. ZTE’s new car size pickup, Lord appearance rough tough, its body length and width were 5341mm, 1885mm, and the height of the body according to the two drive wheel drive models were 18151830 1845mm. The wheelbase of the new car is 3230mm, the size of the cargo compartment is 1530× 1× 515mm. Tire size of 26570 R16, compared with the majority of its specifications to be higher. ZTE Lord of the interior with black brown double color, and joined the part of the silver trim, in order to highlight its movement and fashion sense. The new four spoke steering wheel takes into account the multimedia and Bluetooth control buttons, and equipped with a large screen color control, giving people a sense of the atmosphere. Power, ZTE Lord with 2.5T diesel engine, maximum power of 136 horsepower, maximum torque of 340Nm. In addition there are two drive and four-wheel drive two different drive mode optional four-wheel drive system is provided by Berg Warner, transmission system match is the 6 speed manual gearbox.相关的主题文章: